Saturday, January 10, 2015


 Emily and I have always taken gift giving to one another very seriously. As the years go by, our creativity, generosity, and gift piles all increase. We not only enjoy spoiling the other half of Gwemily on their special day, but also shopping for them. When one half of Gwemily shops for the other half, it is basically like shopping for yourself, but you don't have to feel guilty about it. Gwemily is basically the same person, so whatever one likes, the other usually does too. Also, you know that the presents you buy them you will probably end up using yourself. For example, Gwemily always scrapbooks with one another, and it is common for us to buy scrapbooking supplies as a gift, so then we get to share all of the great supplies that we have.

This past fall I (Gwyn) turned nineteen, and in the summer Emily was talking about the great present idea that she had for my birthday. Even though my birthday was MONTHS away, I could not wait to find out what it was. Over the next few months, Emily spent a lot of time working on my gift.
October finally arrived, and I FINALLY received my gift from Emily. Emily had made a smashbook titled "nineteen reasons I'm glad you were born" then she included EIGHTEEN more presents that each had a some type of Gwemily memory or Gwemily quote attached. Let me just repeat that, EMILY GOT ME NINETEEN PRESENTS, NINETEEN. So yes, this concludes that my best friend is better than yours.

 These presents not only included these meaningful memories, but also some of my favorite things. I was so touched by this. It took me an hour to unwrap and explore the whole present. My favorite gift that was a personalized spoon that reads, "Gwyn's Nutella spoon".  If you know how much Gwemily loves Nutella, then you know how special this is. (You can see the picture of the spoon below). I was quite overwhelmed to say the least.  Emily had spent a lot of time and money creating this unique present for me. It wasn't just a gift card, or a useless item, it was something thoughtful.

Obviously, we can't do such elaborate gifts for everyone in our lives, BUT we can do it for the ones who are especially close to us. Come up with something special and unique, and if you don't no where to start, take Emily's idea and make it your own. If you can't afford to get buy your bff 19 things right now, than maybe make 19 things, or make a scrapbook for her. Gwemily's opinion is that things made for one another can go a lot further than a material item. Take the time to do something to celebrate your bff on their special day, and show them that you are so very grateful for them in your life!

<3 Gwemily

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